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The Unit Orchestra Lives Here!

The Theatre Organ (also called the Unit Orchestra), was conceived and developed around the turn of the century.  It was a specialized form of pipe organ that was used to accompany silent films.  The signature sound of these instruments was that the strong tremulant applied to many of its' groups of pipes (stops).  In addition the use of higher wind pressure caused each pipe to be more prominent. 

The Theatre Organ was equipped with a complement of of percussion instruments from drums through glockenspiels as well as sound effects.  Some of the keyboards have two levels of touch that quickly add accent instruments or percussions, or facilitate some wonderful melodic enhancements.

Today through the marvel of electronics, these instruments have been recreated allowing an individual to have one at home. There are also many real pipe instruments in existence that are maintained by individuals and Theatre Organ groups.

The Theatre Organ can play any style of music from any era.  It is at home with orchestral transcriptions, broadway, big band, jazz and today's pop music.  Just listen to some of the recordings on the
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