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Barton Project
Members of the Yahoo VTPO group
have gotten together in a community
effort to produce a series of VTPO
(Virtual Theatre Pipe Organ) sample
sets. There are three sample set
specifications available as part of the
Barton series - all based on the
recorded ranks from the Barton
Theatre Organ in the Redford Theatre,
Detroit. The specifications were
digitally added to by the addition of 16
extensions of the Diapason, VDO,
Clarinet, Oboe Horn, and Solo Strings
ranks, as well as the complete VDO
Celeste and Vibraphone ranks. The
Chimes were digitally expanded from
21 notes to 25 notes, and the
Xylophone's lowest octave was also
created via digital wizardry.
The original Barton Organ in the
Redford Theatre in downtown Detroit
has 10 ranks. The current 3/10
specification of that console is
reproduced in the Redford Barton 3/10
sample set. The other two
specifications were created through
collaborative discussion by the
members of the online Yahoo VTPO
Listen to the Virtual Barton
Software Versions

Thanks to everyone's generousity, all of the software needed to play
these sample sets is free. There are currently sample sets available for
three organ simulation platforms: Hauptwerk, jOrgan, and GrandOrgue.
For more details and download links see the Barton Sample Sets page.

Click the versions below for more info

You'll need MIDI keyboards and MIDI pedals (or an existing organ with
MIDI out), a PC or MAC, and stereo amp with speakers (all three platforms
run on Windows or OS-X, and jOrgan and GrandOrgue also support Linux).   
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