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Hybrid Reverb 2 Tutorial
Freeverb Too Tutorial
Freeverb 3 Impulser Tutorial
VSTHost Tutorial

Proper use of reverberation is necessary in a
virtual organ particularly when "dry" samples are
used, i.e., when the pipes are recorded in  or
near the chamber with no ambience.  Even
"wet" samples benefit from additional reverb to
restore the natural blending that occurs in a
theatre or hall. 

There are algorithmic reverbs, i.e., those based
on mathematical formulae, and convolution
reverbs, those that use an impulse response file
to recreate a hall. Some softwares uses a
combination of both types.  Most allow tailoring
of the sound. 

Reverberation is highly subjective and sensitive
to the audio playback system and the room
acoustics. There is no single solution that
satisfies everyone, hence the creation of this

The programs listed are free.  They are VSTs
and require host software to operate.  An
overview is provided in the VSTHost Tutorial.
Additional Files
Freeverb 3 Impulser system check
Lafayette Theatre IR samples
Reverberate LE
Demo and additional files to follow